Remove delete button on some categories

Remove delete button on some categoriesThere is another interesting snippet function add-on for your WordPress sites. Currently there is no way to disable or remove/delete button on WordPress Categories or other lists, so for example, your “MAD” or “DRUNK” Editor can suddenly remove categories.

That’s why I come to idea that this snippet should be interesting and thanks to S_HA_DUM, moderator of Stackexchange, there was already available snippet for this.

For those fields WordPress uses WP_List_Table class and some other extension, in this case WP_Terms_List_Table class and that class contains a filter called {$taxonomy}_row_actions.

$actions = apply_filters( “{$taxonomy}_row_actions”, $actions, $tag );

Remove “delete” button on some categories

* Snippet Name: Remove delete button on some categories
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function($actions, $tag) {
$no_del = array(7,13);
if (in_array($tag->term_id,$no_del)) {
return $actions;

Even with this tutorial I believe your WordPress categories are not 100% secured as there is bulk edit >> delete option still available and categories selected trough ID’s from earlier snippet are not protected.

This is why I’m thinking to write another snippet for bulk remove control!

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